What Problems Can Undesired Magnetism Create and How Can I Solve These Problems?

During the manufacturing process, magnetism, most often measured in gauss, can be introduced into both non-magnetically conductive material (such as stainless steel) and  magnetically conductive materials in numerous ways. In addition to contact with magnets,  actions such as grinding, welding and machining can introduce magnetism that may be retained in the product. Why Is It…

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning, How Does It Work, and Is It the Best Way To Clean Industrial Parts?

Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning of Industrial Components As more and more cleaning professionals turn away from hazardous chlorinated and fluorinated solvents, the use of ultrasonic cleaning has moved into the mainstream industrial cleaning industry. Ultrasonic cleaning provides a safe, effective and environmentally friendly way to meet the demands of critical cleaning specifications on both robust and…

Renovation Continues on New IPS Location on Hill Avenue, Toledo

HEAVY LIFTING Men showed up with the big crane today to lift the new blue and white IPS Group LLC sign into place. We had to work though a bit of a snafu with the original printing, but this time: Industrial Metal Cleaning & Surface Treatment aligned perfectly. So our new building now has a…

We Made It! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from IPS Group LLC. We’re excited to have accepted our first ever delivery today at our new location at 3254 Hill Avenue. The building is still mostly empty and provides 50,000 sq.ft. of space to serve our customers in the coming years. Here’s the first trailer to be pulled up to our…

And Closer Still.

We’re only a few weeks away from opening our new 50,000 sq.ft. facility. We can hardly wait.

We’re Getting Closer.

We’re working to begin to occupy our new 50,000 sq.ft. facility on Hill avenue in the coming weeks.

Twenty Years.

Our current location has served us well for 20 years. But we will soon be expanding into a new location on Hill Avenue in Toledo, OH to be able to better serve our customers in the future.

New Facility Coming Soon.

We are expanding with a new building at 3254 Hill Ave, Toledo, OH. Watch for news of our progress here at ipsgroupllc.com.