What is Ultrasonic Cleaning, How Does It Work, and Is It the Best Way To Clean Industrial Parts?

Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning of Industrial Components

As more and more cleaning professionals turn away from hazardous chlorinated and fluorinated solvents, the use of ultrasonic cleaning has moved into the mainstream industrial cleaning industry. Ultrasonic cleaning provides a safe, effective and environmentally friendly way to meet the demands of critical cleaning specifications on both robust and very delicate parts. Let’s take a quick look at this process so you can determine if this approach may be right for you.

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Remove Contaminants from Metals, Ceramics, Plastics and Other Non-Porous Surfaces?

Ultrasonic cleaning uses sound waves at frequencies above what is audible by the human ear. As the sound wave energy travels through the aqueous cleaning solution, small micron-sized bubbles are formed and quickly grow, storing tremendous amounts of energy and pressure inside. When one of these bubbles reaches an unstable size, it implodes, creating a jet about 1/10th the bubble’s size. The jet, traveling at speeds in excess of 400 km/hr., very effectively and efficiently knocks off surface contaminants. This formation and subsequent implosion of bubbles is called cavitation and is what gives ultrasonic cleaning its incredible cleaning power.

Since the bubbles are so small, they are extremely gentle to the underlying substrate. Delicate components are left unharmed and the smallest crevices are effectively cleaned.

The Cavitation Process

Contaminants frequently removed with ultrasonic cleaning include, but are not limited to:

  • Buffing and polishing compounds
  • Cutting Oils from Machining Operations
  • Paraffin based RPs
  • Cleaning greases and sludge from rebuilt components
  • Metal Chips
  • Dirt and debris

Benefits of Choosing IPS for Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Needs:

  • Our experience, expertise and machinery enables cleaning processes gentle enough for delicate components, such as disc drives, solar cells and panels, and quartz transducers.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning provides excellent penetration and cleaning between crevices and tightly spaced parts.
  • Our ultrasonic cleaners have frequencies powerful enough to remove tough contaminants from robust parts.
  • Our cleaning processes are environmentally safe.
  • Our ultrasonic machines have the capacity to handle high volume jobs quickly and efficiently to meet your production deadlines. We have both large and small sized machines to handle multiple parts cleaning challenges.
  • Our ultrasonic machines cover a wide range of frequencies, from 40 to 1000 kHz to ensure your parts are cleaned safely and efficiently.
  • Our full-time chemist will determine the best cleaning solutions, frequencies and temperatures to safely clean your parts.

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