Environmentally Friendly Industrial Parts Cleaning to 400 microns arrives at IPS Group LLC.

redlinecropHave you ever moved to a new house or apartment and seen it sitting empty awaiting your arrival? Your mind’s eye begins to wonder how you are going to fill that cavernous space and suddenly it hits you: New Furniture! And the next thing you know you’re laying tape on the floor to plan for a beautiful new addition to your environment.

In our case that new addition is a shiny Ransohoff Conveyor Washer that shipped from California. Recently the movers arrived and carefully placed 15,000 lbs. of furniture in our new house on Hill Ave where it sits ready to deliver new services to our customers.

liftingcropOur new washer is equipped with state of the art filters that allow us to reach a cleanliness specification as low as 400 microns, and is highly energy efficient in keeping with our continued commitment to provide environmentally friendly green processes at each step of the industrial parts treatment chain.

We welcome our Conveyor Washer to the IPS Group LLC family and invite customers in need of highly efficient, high quality cleaning to visit our new house and check out the furniture. It is ready to receive your industrial parts and return them to you in better condition than ever before.